VR Fun at Maker Faire Hong Kong

VR FUN at MakerFaire 2017 
You know the kids love our VR Experiences when they actually waited for us to recharged our VR viewers !

VR Fun at Maker Faire Hong Kong

HKVR Future Event 2017 
Xperience Director showcased at Hong Kong Convention Centre at the event during Filmart. No internet no problem.

VR Fun at Maker Faire Hong Kong

On Location at InnoDesign Expo 
Meet up with Xperience Director at InnoDesign Expo 2016 with Hong Kong Virtual Reality Network.

Thinking of trying VR marketing at your next presentation ? Are you shocked at the upfront cost $$$?

Find out how to try without burning your wallet !

Ready To Impress?

Are you ready to impress? VR has the power to immerse your potential customers into your brand. When properly deployed, you can provide a point of view no other presentation tool can present. Highlight of your next marketing campaign with VR. Any presentation with any potential client is an opportunity to impress.  We need our presentation to run without any unexpected delay, quality loss or technical issues. 

Cannot Get Online ?

Are you frustrated that you cannot get online to show off your 360 Streaming Video ? Wifi signal are not stable or cheap at most trade show location.  Too many people getting online at the same time. Making your impressive 360 VR video inaccessible. Bad wifi will degrade your streaming 360 video quality. On top of that, Your streaming website might be blocked or down. You just lost that one opportunity to impress your clients with VR.  

Own Your VR Experience

Do your own your VR Experience, accessible anytime even when you are offline? View your 360 VR videos in the best quality every time. Introducing Fathers’ OWN YOUR VR EXPERIENCE services. Taking the pain and uncertainty out of your VR presentation. Your iOS and android phones will have the same VR experience, launched at the same time. Every aspect of your brand, immersed in VR, ready for your VR closeup.


We deliver your 360 VR presentation in the best possible quality without any compromise every time. iOS and Andriod


Totally Control Your VR Experience

Group VR Experience

When properly planned and deployed, your VR experience can provide a point of view no other presentation tools can present. Fatbars’ VR XPERIENCE DIRECTOR lets you guide your audience on location . Interacting and directing your audience’s attention to the right directions as you present. Control when the VR immersion begins, when to pause, where to go, at the right pace and the right time.

VR Classroom

Bring VR immersive experiences to your classroom. Help your class understand complex subjects through VR. Train your workforce in your office or take virtual field trips with your students, VR XPERIENCE DIRECTOR lets you create your own VR training ciriculum. Showcase your 360 videos school trip or customer service training. Stop to answer any questions or skip ahead anytime. 

Always In Control

Showcase your marketing message in VR, always in control. Choose when to highlight your brand, direct your audiences’ attention and deliver the best VR presentation experience with VR XPERIENCE DIRECTOR. 
Need more VR viewers for your events? Let us know. No need to buy. Just rent our VR viewers. Deliver your VR presentation glitch free and in total control today.