Go! Go! Gold! Promax World Gold Award For Fatbars

FATBARS’ very own Samantha Goh aka. Motion Trainer / Art Director have won another GOLD award, for her work with National Geographic Asia, for Daypart Packaging Promotion. The PROMAX Awards are recognized around the globe as the highest accolade for promotion and marketing professionals working in today’s electronic media.

PROMAX Awards are presented to companies and individuals whose work is judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: overall creativity, production quality, and results in achieving marketing objectives. This worldwide competition was held in New York this June 05.

Secret Unveiled was produced to promote NGC’s Sunday night prime time block. Letting viewers know that National Geographic is the only channel that can take you inside forbidden places and unveil their secrets. By creating a dark, mysterious atmosphere and using a stylized transition to tie very different places together under a single theme. When Secret Unveiled was announced to be in the finals for a Promax World Award, we were all very excited. Considering that we were competing was AXN Latin America and TNT On Air Promotions.

It was going to be a tough fight. We have international competitors. We were a long away from Hong Kong, and to be in the finals with the rest of the big guys, was a great honor. Then congratulations started pouring in when it was announced. We were ecstatic! Two locals from Hong Kong walked away with a Promax world gold award. Hurray! Being a motion designer for so many years, Samantha couldn’t be any happier. Although there were other gold that she won from Promax Asia, this particular award is really something big. The competitors are from all over the world. To be recognized is truly wonderful.

Part of the dynamic duo is producer Beatrice Lam, a local Hong Kong, Manger of On-Air Promotions for National Geographic Channel Asia. Both of them had worked in many other projects before and after this. And had known each other for many years. The duo believed that what makes Secrets Unveiled an award-winning piece, is the collaboration of great sound and visual at work. Very much like teamwork, it takes two to tango, and tango well. And when it works, its GOLD.