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Customized Workshops • 特別定制工作坊

Our introduction workshops can be customized to a specific area of production that you need. For example: integrating Adobe Photoshop with Apple Motion to create great motion graphics. Cannot spare a whole week to be trained? We can customized training days to fit into your schedule. Including full day training in weekends and holidays, so that you can pursue new skills and keep your day job.
你有特殊需求?希望合併 Photoshop and Motion ? 我們可量身訂做工作坊滿足您的需求, 幫助你提高您的生產. 我們了解您想獲得認證,但你不能失去整整一周的工作天. 因此,我們可以特別安排訓練,以更融入你的時間表. 特別安排包括全天,週末及假期訓練.


Customized Notes • 定制筆記

In many countries we taught in, English is not their first language. Understanding the software manual could be a taunting task. So we will customize the training contents, catering to areas in which the clients will be most concern. Example: Different video formats; industry broadcast standards, EDL etc. Enriching the training with up to date technology advancement. 
在許多國家,英語不是他們的第一語言了解軟件的手冊可以成為艱難和辛苦的任務. 因此,我們會定制培傾向 客戶最關注資訊 培訓手冊.例如:不同的視頻格式;廣播行業標準.生產.

Tailor Made For Your Team

Customized Training manual 定制訓練手冊

Real examples that caters to your need 真實例子,滿足你的需要

You will learn what you can use now  你會學到你可以現在利用的資訊.

Let us know what need need to perform on your edit and motion graphics station from day to day, and let us customize a course to accomplish your daily goals. All customized course are customized to your schedule. Just email us at or call us at 852 6438 3480, and help us help you to reach your goal. 給我們發電子郵件 training@fatbars.tv或打電話給我們 (852 6438 3480),請讓我們來幫助你達到你的目標.

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