Fatbars Training at Disney Channel Taipei

One of the many perks as trainers, is to be invited to train outside of Hong Kong. Not only can we learn how other post production and broadcast facilities function day to day, we can also meet many resourceful and creative people.Recently, We had the pleasure of training the On air promotion team from Disney Channel Taipei. Transiting from one workflow to another is never easy. Fatbars was brought in to create customized edit training for the Disney crew to transit from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Final Cut Pro Crossover workshop had trained to many facilites. For example CNN Hong Kong and Turner Network.

Unlike individuals and post production houses, regional broadcaster have specific editing needs. Finishing the edit with multi track audio tracks in a particular track order is one of the needs The integration with Adobe After Effects CC 2014 is also crucial to their workflow. Many of the versioning templates, come from headquarters are After Effects based files. This is how regional broadcast channels keep all the graphics looking the same, only versioning the graphics elements to local language and programs. Different version of CC and CS6 can cause disruption to the workflow.

Although Premiere Pro visually looks like Final Cut Pro 7, there are enough differences between them to be concern. Our job was to get the crew at Disney Channel Taipei up to date with those differences and answers their daily editing concerns. Fatbars' Sze Chianly was there to deliver the customized training. Our the years, Fatbars had delivered customized training to many location, both in Hong Kong and overseas. Tailor made to each clients' needs.

We had a great time there and wish them all the best.