Bringing 360 Immersive VR Workshop to CIS

Bringing 360 immersive VR experiences to schools can be challenging. Just simply bringing a couple of google cardboards to class are not enough to inspire  students to explore this new medium. The students have to create new 360 immersive experience themselves. When we were invited to participate at the Chinese International School ‘ Year 11 Arts Days’ , we jumped at the opportunity to introduce our VR hands on introduction workshop to the school. In this full day workshop, students get to use 360 cameras, capture their own 360 immersive Virtual Reality (VR) digital media and share them to their fellow schoolmates through google cardboard.

Chinese International School opened its doors in 1983, a school that would offer the best of both Chinese and Western worlds. Our contact was Ms Alison Wong, Head of Film & Media of Chinese International School. We were part of a wide range of workshops which includes drone flying, virtual reality, visual storytelling and martial arts for the camera. We are very proud that our VR workshop was the most oversubscribed among the many exciting workshops. This is the first time VR workshop were part of this event. In total we had 16 eager students. Armed with Google Cardboard and 360 cameras, we started by going through 360 immersive storytelling history and techniques, watching Youtube 360 videos with google cardboards for inspiration. After experiencing cardboard and gear VR, students get to decide on what the subject to jump start the shooting process. It was not long before the students was experimenting and choreographing 360 shots.

We ended the day by showing how their 360 shots was stitched and processed. Understanding issues that will come up during any shooting process is crucial in any hands on workshop. Batteries, storage and overheat problems are just some of the issues that need attention. Even the distance of the subjects from the camera can give very different immersive experience. At the same time, we also learnt so much from the students. Their free spirited experiments with dynamic shots showed us that 360 immersive medium is still in its early stage. The only way to learn is to continue to experiment.

The day ended with the students, together with their own 360 videos and their own Google Cardboards , shared their experience with their teachers and fellow schoolmates. Below are the edited version of their 360 shots, with Apple Final Cut Pro X and Dashwood Studio Plugins.

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View the videos at your Youtube App to experience full 360 immersive VR mode. Best watched in WIFI mode for best quality.