“The Evolution of Hong Kong” a Visual Experience by SCMP

Storytelling is the art of showing and telling stories in a rich and elaborate manner.

Established in 1903, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong English-language newspaper, has a treasure trove of historical photos and stories of Hong Kong, not seen by many. For Hong Kong 20th handover anniversary, SCMP wanted to create a rich visual experience of Hong Kong rich history, by bringing historical archival photographs, illustrations and 360 videos together into one project ” The Evolution of Hong Kong – From possession to handover and beyond” .

Fantastic 360 videos of Hong Kong infamous skyline and street filled people was shot to bring new media into the mix. Virtual Reality and 360° videos are both exciting new media types. Several newspapers and magazines around the world, are already taking advantage of this media. But it is the craft of storytelling, bringing all media together, both old and new, that create that rich visual experience for the viewers. Providing chapter guides to take the viewers from the past to the present.

Fatbars are very proud to be part of this creative process, providing 360 Technical Consultation Services to the team at SCMP. Together with the great team at SCMP, Irene Jay Liu (Google) and Ilya Marchenko  (Veldt360),  this wonderful web experience is now online for the world to see.  The awesome SCMP team : Brett Mckeehan – Online Editor, Jarrod Watt  – Deputy Online Editor, Daniel Moss – Digital Producer – Interactives, Castiel Ho and Wong Hoi .

Thank you for letting us be a part of the process. You can enjoy the full web experience at https://multimedia.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/evolution-hong-kong/index.html