HKBU’s 360 VR immersive Training at Fatbars

Hong Kong Baptist University (Department of Journalism) have been training journalists for nearly 50 years. Their program emphasizes both the theoretical and the practical to nurture ethical, critical and creative future academics and professionals in the journalism field. The impact of 360 immersive VR in journalism around the world can be seen in the broadcast and news industries. Example New York Times, CNN, WSJ etc.

Journalism 360 has the support of companies like Google, has launched an initiative of thought leaders, practitioners, and journalists dedicated to accelerating immersive storytelling in news. Giving grants and workshops for journalist around the world, to use this impactful medium to tell their stories.

When Hong Kong Baptist University teacher and students came to this workshop, it was important for them to experience 360 Immersive VR in both room scale (which you can walk around) and also in a seated VR experience. These VR experience can influence the way the attendees present or plan for shoot.  They experience both HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Through examples, we can learn what makes a good shot, and what kind of shot makes the audience sick.

360 immersive Workshop was designed by Fatbars and Hong Kong Virtual Reality Network  • Educate. Customized for individuals and companies to who wants a more professional advanced immersive storytelling training, to craft their 360 edits with professional applications and specialised effects. Understanding the workflow of VR post production. Learn how to shoot 360 immersive videos, how to properly planned your projects and media assets management. Syncing proper audio to your 360 immersive edits is very important. This course is trained by professionals in the broadcast and digital media industries. We thank HKBU for coming. And look forward to their 360 VR immersive projects.

360 VR Immersive Workshops

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