RTHK’s Fast Start 3D Printing Workshop

It can be really difficult for seasoned 2D designers to start designing and modeling 3D design and turning them into physical 3D printed objects. Understanding the strength and cons of different kind of 3D printing methods is crucial. Just because you can 3D model your design, does not mean your design will be printed without error.

When we were asked to come up with a 3D printing course for experienced designers from RTHK, we decided to design the training to fit designers with no prior experience with 3D modelling and wants to get started with 3D printing fast. Tinkercad is a simple and well designed cloud app that runs well on Safari. Not only can the designers use this app to design their 3D models, they can also export the model as OBJ, and use it in our motion graphics app as a design elements.

They also learn how to choose the right printer for your project. Understanding the current 3D technology and material available through a variety of 3D design tools, including 3D modeling and 3D scanning. They can also use existing drawing skills like illustrator, and create design in your 3D printing project. Each of the designer goes through the process from designing, 3D modeling to seeing their work 3D printed.

Thank you for coming. We look forward to many more 3D design from these designers

Fast Start 3D printing Workshop information

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